The elusive chanteuse and lip-sync queen, Mariah Carey, decided to share some of her workout routines with us plebians and umm… they’re quite something.

Mariah uploaded three posts to Instagram today showing various stages of her workout, including jogging, weightlifting, and cardio. You might be thinking “she sweats just like the rest of us!”


No one’s workout is complete without fishnet stockings and Fenty Puma heels.

I tend to wear whatever shirt on the floor that smells the least, but that’s probably why I’m single and not a millionaire.

Mariah also lifts weights with thousands of dollars of jewelry around her neck.

Your faves could never. The caption reads “We must we must… ;)” Sounds like a BO reference to me but what do I know.

Here’s Mariah making sure to get in all of her cardio.

Rihanna saw her working out in her shoe line and reposted the photo on her personal Instagram with the caption “Yo I made it!!!” Looks like she’s a Mariah fan herself.

I expect nothing less from Mariah Carey. Now excuse me, I need to make a stop for some fishnets before I hit the gym.