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First fall (with this horse)


First fall (with this horse)

So, my boy Talo has been on stall rest for about 2 weeks, and yesterday it was finally time to ride.

He's a spooky dressage horse, 17 years of age, but usually his spooks end up with a fast canter in circles, and nothing more. I am used to it and can usually prepare for it. I can feel when he tenses up and wants to run away.

Anyway, things looked OK, the lameness is gone and we can ride. My instructor says to work on walk-trot-walk transitions. Talo is a bit faster than usual, but you know, it's understandable. And suddenly he bursts into canter. I sit back and try to stop him, but it's a bit too late – he runs straight into another horse in the arena, and of course I smash into the ground.

OW! Banged my hand and my knee. Broke my glasses (damn it, that's expensive) and got a bit of a black eye from the glasses frame. Went to the ER, seems it's all just bruises. It'll be a few more days until I can ride again.

sigh. Horses. Right?!

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