Stumbling and limping after trim?


My horse had his feet done about 1.5 weeks ago. I thought they looked a little short but I'm not a farrier.

However, the first two rides, he was constantly tripping and limping under saddle, so we cut it very short. I could see no favoring of any particular foot when loose in his pen. Not finding any heat or other symptoms. Monday and today, he was fine at all gaits in the soft dirt arena but again started limping on the driveway (those big decorative half dollar sized round rocks) and hard dirt with tiny gravel. He was ok on the short stretch of asphalt, a bit cautious with his steps, but no limping.

The limping and tripping is so intermittent that the barn owner suspected he was faking (which would not surprise me, he's a brat) but I am concerned. Is this likely from the trim? Should I be putting boots on him? Any other suggestions?

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