Pig And Cat Stick Together Through Several Owners Thanks To Rescue Group


Two unusual best friends are on their way to being friends for life.

Nelly the potbellied pig and Pedro the ginger tabby befriended each other on a farm in Ontario, Canada, when their original owners left them behind. Luckily, the new farm owner wound up keeping them together. But when that new owner had to move away, a farm animal rescue group stepped up to help the BFF beasties.

​“Both Nelly and Pedro were abandoned on the farm by their original owner and likely bonded from their situation,” Kara Burrow, founder, president and barn manager of Ralphy’s Retreat, told Petcha.com. “Once the other animals left, the pair were the only two and so it was natural for them to seek out each other’s company.”

That explains why they were drawn toward each other. What cemented the bond, however, was the sweet way they treated each other.

“Pedro also gives lovely massages on Nelly’s back and Nelly is a lovely, warm snuggler — what more could a cat want?!” Burrow said.

Ralphy’s Retreat lent a hand to the second owners, who said that Nelly wasn’t fitting in with the other pigs. Burrow and her group convinced the owner to keep Nelly with Pedro because they’d become a bonded pair. When it came time for the second owner to move on, Burrow further assisted the two animal friends.

Friends who nap together, stay together. Via Ralphy’s Retreat

“The son of the family (Jackson) reached out to me for help finding a home for Nelly and Pedro, who had become her close friend,” Burrow told Petcha.com. “Jackson understood how hard a change of home would be for her and he didn’t want her to get left behind again.”

Ralphy’s was full, so Burrow reached out to her friend Carla Reilly Moore, founder of Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary, and asked whether they had room for the pair. Fortunately, they did.

“We arranged transportation through Critter Cabs Animal Transport and we helped move them to their new home,” Burrow said. “The pair have settled in well.”

It’s good to know they’re in a new home together, and still up to their old antics.

​“Nelly is a big sleeper and spends most of her day doing just that!” Burrow told Petcha. “Pedro spends time curled up asleep with her in the straw or in the summer, they like to snooze in the sun. Pedro always likes to be on her back!​”

We hope these two spend all their days together, enjoying their favorite activities — and each other.

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