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Next tonight, a frightening magic show that was no illusion. Criss angel rushed to the hospital after collapsing during the middle of an upside-down trick. Not the first time a magic trick has backfired. Here’s ABC’s Marci Gonzalez. Reporter: World-famous magician criss angel was performing the harrowing escape stunt seen here, hanging upside-down in a straitjacket. I’m trying to get my shoulder out of my socket right now. Reporter: When witnesses saying he passed out before being rushed to the hospital in the middle of last night’s las Vegas show. They lowered him down to the stage and he wasn’t moving at all. Reporter: Angel has performed the stunt countless times, demonstrating it here to Oprah. A lot of what I do, Oprah, is completely real and some of it’s an illusion. This is completely real. Reporter: Close calls can be part of the profession. In 2015, angel himself scrambled to save fellow magician, Spencer Horsman, from a water torture tank. Angel insisting it wasn’t part of the act. He was going limp. As soon as I ran up there and I looked at his eyes I could tell it wasn’t part of the show. Reporter: And last year this mishap, as David Blaine attempted to catch a bullet in his mouth. Sending him to the hospital with a throat injury. And as for criss angel, despite the emergency room visit, we’ll we’re told he’ll be back on stage tonight. Doing the same stunt again for the two shows scheduled. Coming up — much more ahead

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