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Love Brings Long-Lost Cat Brothers Together


Love Brings Long-Lost Cat Brothers Together

When Cathleen Cavin first saw Brian Herrera on a dating website, she thought she had found a good match. She was right in more ways than one.

A few years ago, Cavin and her daughter went to the local animal shelter in Petaluma, California, to adopt a kitten, CBS San Francisco reports. Two ginger and white brothers caught their eye. They took one home and named him Ozzy, but Cavin always felt guilty for leaving the other kitten behind. So she made what seemed like an impossible promise to her daughter: that she would find Ozzy’s brother.

Cavin promised her daughter she would find Ozzy’s brother. Via CBS San Francisco

“Who makes a promise like that? Needles in a haystack I was telling her I was going to find,” Cavin told CBS San Francisco.

Then Cavin met Herrera on a dating website. The first time she went to his house, she thought she saw her own cat running around.

Cavin and Herrera

Cavin and Herrera met on a dating site last year, and apparently have the same taste in cats. Via CBS San Francisco

“(Cathleen) notices a cat scurry by and she stops everything and says, ‘That’s my cat!’ And I say, ‘No way, that’s MY cat, what are you talking about?’ thinking she’s this crazy cat lady,” Herrera told the news station. “And she just kept going, ‘That’s my cat!’ So, I’m thinking ‘OK, red flags! What’s going on?’”

It wasn’t Ozzy. It was Herrera’s cat Butter. But after checking shelter records, they discovered Butter was in fact Ozzy’s long lost brother. The couple reintroduced the cats to each other and the brothers, who are now 3 years old, got along well, which is a good thing considering Cavin and Herrera plan to move in together soon.

Ozzy and Butter are getting to know each other again after being apart for three years. Via CBS San Francisco

Sounds like fate to us!

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