Cockatoo Eric Has Legendary Parrot-ality (And Potty Mouth)


A family in Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia, is never in need of entertainment. That’s because they live with Eric The Legend, a Bare-Eyed/Corella Cockatoo who has personality for days.

Sharon and Lester Curle got Eric when he was 8 weeks old, and he’s made himself comfortable over the last three years at their home. He’s learned the rules of the house (and broken them), the lay of the land and lots of words — many of them ones we can’t repeat on a family website.

“My son and husband watch football every weekend, and my son’s team, North Melbourne, started making a comeback just as Eric was learning to talk, and you can guess what words he picked up!” Sharon told The key phrase? F***in’ legend.

Now Eric goes by the name Eric The Legend on Facebook and YouTube, where he stars in several hilarious videos. You can see him availing a change jar of its quarters, rearranging place settings and showing off his extensive, if a little blue, vocabulary.

Eric shows a soft side with Lester. Via Eric The Legend/YouTube

Some of his key phrases include: “Shoooo ya bastards!”; “Fark it’s cold out there!”; “Do you want to go for a walk?”; and “Do you want to kiss a legend?”

“Eric also has the ability to put words into sentences and make up his own,” Sharon said. “For instance, we had a curtain fall down and every time Lester would fix one end the other would drop out, out of frustration Lester said ‘I’m f***in’ sick of this!’ Bam, Eric was listening! And the very next day he said ‘I’m f***in’ sick of this!’”

He has a nice routine that leads to lots of video ops.

“We normally go for a walk to the beach of bush and collect native nuts, seeds and flowers for him to eat each day,” Sharon told Petcha. “He says ‘Hello’ to all the neighbors and tourist on his outings.”

He goes back to his home after his nice walk, then around 8 p.m. he’s ready for bedtime. If Sharon doesn’t tuck him in right away, Eric will start saying “It’s good night time… come on, it’s good night time.”

“He is one very smart bird that has his wing on the pulse,” Sharon said.

Any legend worth his salt would, of course. Keep up the good words, Eric!

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